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Career & Workforce Exploration

with Suzette Moulton, CCSP

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START ANYTIME!  Are you thinking about career options? Let us help you get to know yourself better! Suzette, our Certified Career Services Provider, will guide you through self-exploration - including career values, interest assessments, and even your search for a college or training program that meets your needs. Open to all future-minded youth and adults who are exploring workforce and training or education. Please call 345-3217 for an appointment. Registration: 4-week session, $50. Free to unemployed tri-town residents.

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Employability Skills

with Suzette Moulton, CCSP

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START ANYTIME!  Job searching? Let’s sharpen your job skills! Do you need to create or update your resume, create a (professional!) email account, learn Microsoft Office basics, or refine your existing skills? Our Certified Career Services Provider/Advisor, Suzette, will work one-on-one with you over six sessions to meet your career-focused computer needs. Work on creating documents appropriate for the workplace and/or the basics of sending and receiving email messages as well as opening and attaching files. Call for more information or to set up a schedule. Registration: 6-week session, $50.

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Real Estate Sales Agent

with The Center For Real Estate Studies

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To qualify for a Sales Agent License in Maine, individuals must pass a 55-hour Sales Agent course and the Maine Real Estate Licensing Exam. After successful completion of both, students are eligible to apply for a Sales Agent license through the Designated Broker of a company they will be affiliated with. This online, self-paced course must be completed within one calendar year of registration and is meant for individuals who have an interest in buying and/or selling real estate or who may be considering employment in a related field. Instructor support is available throughout the course. Online materials and fees are included in the $370 course cost. Upgrade to a hard copy of the text for an extra $25.

Call 345-3217 for more information.

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with Adult Ed Staff

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Do you need to upgrade your typing skills from ‘hunt and peck’ to typing – in the true sense of the word? This class is a favorite of many of our learners, from those with no typing skills to those who can type proficiently! Work at your own pace to increase your speed and accuracy based on your own personal goals. Registration: eight 1-hour sessions $50. Start anytime! Please call 345-3217 for an appointment. 

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START ANYTIME!  Going to college or training can improve your chances of getting a better paying job to increase the quality of life for yourself and your family. For high school graduates who plan to enter college or training programs, we can help you meet pre-requisites and brush up on specific skills to increase your confidence! $50. Free to unemployed residents. 

We also have access to free programming designed to help you in a broader sense with a more in-depth college transition experience. Call for more details. 

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College Transitions

with Adult Ed Staff

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START ANYTIME!  If you have time for a more comprehensive preparation program to increase your confidence for college enrollment, we have options for you to consider with partner programs. Call 345-3217 for details!