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Healthy Nutrition

with Heather Letourneau


February 27th, 2023

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Now that the holidays are over it’s a great time to find heart healthy habits that work for you and your family! What should you eat more of and what should you try to avoid? Learn the basics about how nutrition and an active lifestyle positively affect your heart health. Heather has taught many nutrition and cooking seminars and owns Guthries café, which is focused on healthy food choices. She will share some of what she has learned about the cumulative effects of dietary cholesterol and saturated fat on arterial health. Get tips about food labels, food prep and recipe ideas - and explore the benefits of low to moderate cardio exercise. Registration: $10.

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Staying Home Alone

with Melanie Sparks


March 25th, 2023

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Designed by an experienced educator and Red Cross Trainer, this class teaches 8-11 year olds the fundamentals of staying home alone for short periods of time. Through fun games and activities, students learn information they need to know, such as parent cell phone numbers, which neighbors can be called on, when to call 911, safe and unsafe "home alone" activities, and what to do if there is a fire or other emergency.  Includes a take home booklet and certificate of completion.  Registration $30.

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with Mary Jane Dillingham


February 15th, 2023

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We’ve heard a lot about threats to the bee population in recent years – and these pollinators are of great importance to the food chain. Are you interested in learning more about raising Honey Bees? Mary Jane, biologist and owner of MisBeeHaven Farm in Poland, will explain why bees are important, the benefits of raising them, the expense involved and how to access the best local resources.  Registration: $10.

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Plant Care Basics

with Amy Hatch


April 11th, 2023

With April comes the anticipation of Spring! What do you need to know about getting your plants ready for the change of seasons? Amy is a plant lover with a green thumb - known to even sprout plants from produce in her fridge or pantry! Get tips on growing plants from seed as well as caring for the ones you already have. The basics of watering, feeding, potting and repotting will all be covered.  Registration: $8.

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Legal Planning for Aging Adults

with Meg Greene, Esq. Meghan Meyers, Esq.


March 30th, 2023

Planning for incapacity, transfer of assets on death, and probate. Make sure your legal affairs are tied up before it's too late for you to have a say. Estate planning attorneys, Meghan Meyers and Martha (Meg) Greene from the law firm of Brann & Isaacson, will discuss strategies available under Maine law. Power of attorney, advance directives, wills and probate will all be topics for discussion, and audience participation is encouraged so bring your questions!

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Tidying up. Less Stuff, Less Stress!

with Melissa Keyser, KonMari Consultant


February 9th, 2023

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Make 2023 the year you get out from under your clutter to simplify your life! Get tips for tidying and organizing that will stick long-term while decreasing stress and anxiety. Melissa is a declutter coach, professional organizer, and certified KonMari consultant who will share simple ideas for paring down your belongings into reasonable collections that will fit into manageable spaces. Learn more about her at https://www.melissakeyser.com/about

Marie Kondo fans unite! via Zoom. Registration: $10.